SJH Physicians Use Innovative Shockwave Procedure

Physicians at St. Joseph’s Hospital have successfully used the Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL), an innovative catheter that uses sonic pressure waves to break up calcium deposits in coronary arteries. Dr. Alok Singh and Dr. Jesal Popat completed a successful procedure with the technology earlier this month.

As the leading cause of death in the United States, heart disease is constantly in our crosshairs. But the condition can be difficult to treat. As heart disease advances, calcified plaque in the arteries hardens and restricts blood flow, making it challenging to install stents. That’s where the shockwave technology comes in. The catheter emits sonic pressure waves that fracture calcium deposits. This allows physicians to more safely expand arteries and restore blood flow with the placement of stents. 

Congratulations to Dr. Singh, Dr. Popat and their team on the successful procedure.