Roland and Helga Hausmann

Roland and Helga Hausmann moved to Tampa four years ago to be here for the birth of their first grandchild. They now have two, Luke and Josh.

“These kids are what life is all about,“ says Roland. Although he and Helga still play golf and manage to travel a bit, their social life is secondary to the boys. “It’s the almost daily ‘fix’ of seeing the boys that make our day,” says Helga. “When either of us is a little down or out of sorts, all we have to do is look at the screen saver on our phone to see those two happy faces, and as Luke would say to us, “all better.”

The Hausmanns are grateful to previous St. Joseph’s board members, Bill Meurer and Nora Musselman, for navigating the waters and getting them to St. Joseph’s. When Roland had back surgery at St. Joseph’s, the doctor called Helga every morning to give her updates on Roland’s progress, and when he had a heart procedure, the doctor spent a long time after the surgery talking with Helga and the couple’s children. “Everyone truly cares about you there, and it shows,” says Roland.

The central information desk at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North is a gift from the Roland and Helga Hausmann family.