Pierce’s Story: The Mission to Provide Chronic Care That’s Always There

When Alysia Peddy’s children were born, she felt grateful for their good health and delighted in experiencing all of their firsts.  Even when Pierce, her second child, started missing some of his standard milestones she wasn’t overly concerned knowing all kids develop at their own pace. But when her active and precious toddler started having seizures at two years old, she knew something more was going on. Pierce was eventually diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder.  This disorder caused traumatic brain injuries, a trache for breathing, a g-tube for eating and a lifetime of 24/7 intensive care.

When Alysia found the Plasencia Chronic Complex Clinic at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, which is a national model in coordinating care for children like Pierce, it changed everything. The clinic ensures Pierce, and medically complex children like him, have a place to go to handle all their medical, physical, and emotional needs. A specialized medical team knows each child personally – from their medical history to their favorite sports team – and tailors their healthcare accordingly. But soon Pierce, who is now 19 years old, will age out of the program. Alysia is frightened of what will happen next as she remembers life before the clinic and can’t imagine how they’ll manage without it.

Because of people like you, she won’t have to.

That’s because St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation in partnership with St. Joseph’s Hospitals has committed to establishing an Adult Chronic Complex Clinic, delivering a seamless transition of care of our pediatric patients that will be both lifesaving and life changing. Now these medically fragile patients and their loved ones won’t have to scramble to find the same level of extraordinary care they so desperately need.

Currently there are over six-hundred children being treated at the clinic, with nearly fifty in the process of transitioning out because of their age. Without the adult clinic they will have nowhere to go. Your gift today will ensure none of these medically fragile patients and their loved ones will have to scramble to find the same level of extraordinary care they so desperately need. For most parents, when their kids turn 18, they see them becoming independent and moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Alysia prays the next chapter of Pierce’s life will include a place like the Adult Chronic Complex Clinic, where they will help make sure he has the most fulfilling and healthy future possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Chronic Care That’s Always There campaign, please reach out to our office at 813-872-0979.