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Philanthropic Women Fund New Cardiac & Emergency Equipment

The Philanthropic Women of St. Joseph’s convened recently for their annual project selection meeting.

Don and Nora Musselman

Nora Musselman has been an ambassador for St. Joseph’s Hospital for more than 25 years. Sister Marie Celeste may have had unique insights when in 1983 she invited Nora to become a member of the St. Joseph’s Development Council, a friend-raising group for the hospital. Since then Nora has been involved in the campaigns to…

Eugene and Norma Ymiolek

Cheval residents Eugene and Norma Ymiolek feel blessed that St. Joseph’s Hospital-North is so close to their home.  Their long-standing trust in St. Joseph’s, and their admiration for St. Marie Celeste Sullivan motivated their gift of support, which is recognized at the hospital’s Chapel.

Hinks and Elaine Shimberg

Elaine Shimberg found the lump in her breast in 1981. She’d had cysts before, but this one was different. It was small, and it hurt. She wanted a biopsy. Her doctor said they’d monitor the cyst, but Elaine insisted. “I’ve always been attuned to my body, and I said, ‘This one’s different.’” The subsequent biopsy confirmed…

Phil and JoAnn Lau

As a child, Kayla Lau had an erratic, rapid heartbeat. Her heart would race for a short period of time and then correct itself. Doctors were challenged to pinpoint the cause because her episodes were so brief and unpredictable. When she was in sixth grade, she had an extended episode that landed her in the…

Roland and Helga Hausmann

Roland and Helga Hausmann moved to Tampa four years ago to be here for the birth of their first grandchild. They now have two, Luke and Josh. “These kids are what life is all about,“ says Roland. Although he and Helga still play golf and manage to travel a bit, their social life is secondary…

Sid and Donna Jordan

Passion is a word that describes Donna and Sid Jordan well. They have a love for anything outdoors – tennis, golf, fishing, skiing, biking – and for anything related to their beloved Florida Gators. Sports memorabilia from Gainesville fill their sports room. They’re passionate about contemporary art, especially glass objects that add a visceral punch…

Syd and Judy Heaton

Before they moved to Tampa in 1987, Syd and Judy Heaton say they had lived in a lot of cold places, having moved every couple of years with IBM. So when Syd took over IBM’s network services business, which had an operations center in Tampa, he managed to relocate its headquarters from Connecticut to Tampa.…

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