Breast Cancer Survivor Helping Others Be Victorious in Their Own Fight

October 15, 2021

As a fitness instructor, Shawn Becklund has always been passionate about keeping herself and others healthy through proper diet and exercise. So, in 2015, after a routine mammogram eventually led to a breast cancer diagnosis, the mother of two admits to being more than a little surprised, sharing, “I was 45-years-old and in the best…

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“I’m One of St. Joe’s Biggest Fans”

October 5, 2021

In June of 2016, Justine Chambers’ morning started out like any other, until a call from her 9-year-old daughter’s school changed everything. “They told me Jennifer was having a seizure, but more like a staring trance that she wouldn’t come out of. I rushed to school not knowing what I would find when I got…

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A Team Like No Other Leads to a Victory Like No Other

July 21, 2021

As a linebacker on the Berkeley Prep football team, Jared Watson knew all about teamwork and what it took to secure a victory. But in late summer of 2019, when his parents spoke the three scariest words he’d ever heard – “You have cancer”, he needed a moment to process exactly what that meant. Then…

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One Nurse’s Legacy Helped Fulfill Another Nurse’s Dream

July 10, 2021

When Keyanna Mincey stepped into the Steinbrenner Emergency/Trauma Center at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for her first day of work as a Nurse Tech she felt immediately at home. As a former EMT, Keyanna was used to hectic days filled with all different kinds of trauma, so the buzz of the ER was familiar to…

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SJH Physicians Use Innovative Shockwave Procedure

April 14, 2021

Physicians at St. Joseph’s Hospital have successfully used the Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL), an innovative catheter that uses sonic pressure waves to break up calcium deposits in coronary arteries. Dr. Alok Singh and Dr. Jesal Popat completed a successful procedure with the technology earlier this month. As the leading cause of death in the United States,…

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

November 2, 2020

As a bookkeeper for over 50 years, Joann took an objective approach to all the important decisions in her life. So, when she wasn’t feeling quite like herself one day in 2013, she allowed her niece to take her to St. Joseph’s Hospital, even though she didn’t think anything was truly wrong. Imagine her surprise…

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