Breast Cancer Survivor Helping Others Be Victorious in Their Own Fight

October 15, 2021

As a fitness instructor, Shawn Becklund has always been passionate about keeping herself and others healthy through proper diet and exercise. So, in 2015, after a routine mammogram eventually led to a breast cancer diagnosis, the mother of two admits to being more than a little surprised, sharing, “I was 45-years-old and in the best…

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For the Parents of Preemies, AngelEye is the Next Best Thing to Being There

October 6, 2021

For parents, holding their baby for the very first time is one of life’s most amazing gifts. But when newborns make an unexpected early appearance those precious first moments can often be brief and tense, leaving parents feeling lost, anxious, and overwhelmed as their child is whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to…

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Aubrey Gifts of Hope

September 27, 2021

When her granddaughter was undergoing cancer treatment at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital last year, Renee Payne was part of around-the-clock team of family and friends who made sure Aubrey never spent a moment alone during the week she was there. “It was devastating to see Aubrey in that hospital bed. One minute she was a…

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St. Joe’s Gave Hope to Aubrey Hope

September 15, 2021

“Your daughter has cancer.” When Lyndsi Hutson took her then 6-year-old daughter Aubrey to the doctor in April of 2020 because she was experiencing pain in her knee, she wasn’t too concerned. As a softball player Aubrey had her share of bumps and bruises, so when her doctor told her it was most likely growing…

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Innovative Technology Will Give A Boost to Breast Cancer Treatment at St. Joe’s

August 27, 2021

Mothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, family members – one in eight U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, making it the second leading cause of cancer death in women. And with this sobering statistic comes the reality that many of us have a personal connection to someone who has fought…

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Chase’s Miraculous Journey is Music to Our Ears

August 24, 2021

Her daughter was a little over a year old when Alisha Harper was thrilled to learn she was expecting another baby. “We’d always wanted our kids to be close in age so while everyone else was a little shocked, our life was going exactly as we planned,” explains Alisha. Until it didn’t. When the hemorrhaging…

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When Margot Crum Was Born Three Months Early, St. Joe’s Was There with Expert Care

July 22, 2021

Life was going according to plan for Stacey Crum. She was enjoying her work as an interior designer and relishing time spent with her husband, Josh, and nearly 3-year-old daughter, Carter Claire. When she found out she was expecting again Stacey was thrilled to be expanding her family, and Carter Claire couldn’t wait to be…

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A Team Like No Other Leads to a Victory Like No Other

July 21, 2021

As a linebacker on the Berkeley Prep football team, Jared Watson knew all about teamwork and what it took to secure a victory. But in late summer of 2019, when his parents spoke the three scariest words he’d ever heard – “You have cancer”, he needed a moment to process exactly what that meant. Then…

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Father-Son Engineers Share in Support for St. Joe’s

May 13, 2021

When Sam Carastro started his engineering firm in 1960, his hope was to be successful enough to support his growing family doing something he loved. Soon enough he found himself in a position to not only provide for his wife and young son, but to also support another member of his Tampa Bay community –…

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Tampa Philanthropist Remembered

April 14, 2021

Our thoughts are with the Shimberg family as we all come to terms with the loss of our beloved Elaine Shimberg. Elaine, a prolific author, was a leadership volunteer with St. Joseph’s Hospitals and Foundation for 40 years. She served as chair of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Board, the St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation Board and…

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