St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation

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Kids that do Good

For over 65 days, Theo called St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital home.
Theo was diagnosed with primary cervical Neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer that presented as a tumor reaching from the base of his skull to his collarbone. At only two days old, the tumor started collapsing Theo’s airway and compromising his ability to breathe, resulting in an emergent nine-hour surgery. After two more significant surgeries correcting the damages from the tumor, countless procedures and scans, Theo was finally able to take his first breath of fresh air just after turning two months old.

To say Theo fought to be here is an understatement, but thanks to the compassionate care at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, he was able to go home. At over a year old, he is smiling, laughing, and loving life.

Theo’s family was so grateful for their care, they started a fundraising page and helped raise over $800 in toys and monetary donations to help make life easier for other children in the hospital.

Hosting your own personal fundraising page is a fun and easy way to raise money to make a difference for patients and families at St. Joseph’s Hospitals.

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Rays’ Pitcher Blake Snell Gives and Games

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher and 2018 American League Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell presented a $20,000 donation to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. A portion of the funds was used to purchase 10 GAEMS personal gaming systems equipped with Xbox and PlayStation consoles, per Blake’s request. Blake is an avid gamer himself and was inspired to donate the gaming technology as a way to give back to the kids in the community.

During the visit, Blake spent time playing video games with pediatric patients, answering questions about his love for video games and baseball.

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Syd and Judy Heaton

Syd and Judy Heaton St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation Tampa Florida DonorBefore they moved to Tampa in 1987, Syd and Judy Heaton say they had lived in a lot of cold places, having moved every couple of years with IBM. So when Syd took over IBM’s network services business, which had an operations center in Tampa, he managed to relocate its headquarters from Connecticut to Tampa. Syd retired from IBM in 1997, and now the Heaton’s only travel to cold places to visit their children and grandchildren.

Every July their entire family—four children, their spouses, and nine grandchildren—gather at Syd and Judy’s summer home in the North Carolina mountains to celebrate the Fourth. “It’s America at its best,” says Syd. “We’re in the parade with all the kids in the back of a pickup truck throwing beads.”

About five years ago, foundation board member Nora Musselman invited the Heatons to St. Joseph’s to meet executives there and to talk about the hospital’s plans. Of everything they heard, the plans for the new North hospital stayed with them. “It felt good to think about having a first-class facility within 15 minutes of our house,” says Syd. They knew from their own experience the kind of care the new hospital would provide.

“Every contact we’ve had with St Joseph’s, from admission to the labs to the emergency room, was terrific,” Syd says. “Everyone was always friendly and helpful and gave us the best of attention. We were always very impressed with the experience.”

The admitting center at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North is named for Syd and Judy Heaton.

Sid and Donna Jordan

Sid and Donna Jordan St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation Tampa Florida DonorPassion is a word that describes Donna and Sid Jordan well. They have a love for anything outdoors – tennis, golf, fishing, skiing, biking – and for anything related to their beloved Florida Gators. Sports memorabilia from Gainesville fill their sports room. They’re passionate about contemporary art, especially glass objects that add a visceral punch of color to their home, and they’re also passionate about St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Donna and Sid met at Plant High School in South Tampa on the tennis team. The school newspaper needed a photo of two athletes and chose Donna and Sid. They started playing tennis together and began dating, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The couple returned to South Tampa from Temple Terrace, where they had lived for 14 years. Donna’s mother lives one street away in the house where she grew up; Sid grew up just three streets away. Although both of their sons, Bill and Matt, were born at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, it was their move back to South Tampa that sparked their strong relationship with the hospital.

Donna started volunteering, was asked to join the foundation board, and then subsequently, the hospital board. She and co-founder Elaine Shimberg spearheaded the Foundation’s women’s initiative, The Philanthropic Women of St. Joseph’s. “Members get great educational opportunities – they tour behind the scenes, meet doctors, administrators, and experience new technology. We make a philanthropic gift and decide collectively what our gift to the hospital will fund,” Donna says. “Our members love it.”

Giving to St. Joseph’s is a significant part of the Jordan’s community support. “I love the core values of St. Joe’s,” says Donna. “Everyone cares about people, and they care about the mission of the Franciscan sisters. We want this community to have quality healthcare and hospitals. We’re pleased with St. Joe’s, its vision, and what it’s doing for the community, and we want to show our commitment to it.”

A leadership gift from Donna and Sid Jordan has been recognized in the tower at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital.

Roland and Helga Hausmann

Roland and Helga Hausmann St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation Tampa florida DonorRoland and Helga Hausmann moved to Tampa four years ago to be here for the birth of their first grandchild. They now have two, Luke and Josh.

“These kids are what life is all about,“ says Roland. Although he and Helga still play golf and manage to travel a bit, their social life is secondary to the boys. “It’s the almost daily ‘fix’ of seeing the boys that make our day,” says Helga. “When either of us is a little down or out of sorts, all we have to do is look at the screen saver on our phone to see those two happy faces, and as Luke would say to us, “all better.”

The Hausmanns are grateful to previous St. Joseph’s board members, Bill Meurer and Nora Musselman, for navigating the waters and getting them to St. Joseph’s. When Roland had back surgery at St. Joseph’s, the doctor called Helga every morning to give her updates on Roland’s progress, and when he had a heart procedure, the doctor spent a long time after the surgery talking with Helga and the couple’s children. “Everyone truly cares about you there, and it shows,” says Roland.

The central information desk at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North is a gift from the Roland and Helga Hausmann family.