St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation

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Red Little Wagon Fund Rolls Without a Hitch

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital cares for a variety of children with different surgical needs. Those that require orthopedic intervention to help heal conditions such as developmental hip dysplasia or a broken leg require a SPICA cast for roughly 8-12 weeks. This large cast extends from the mid-chest to the ankle with a bar between the legs to help reinforce the cast and prevent breakage. Due to the cumbersome nature of the cast, a wheelchair will not typically accommodate the cast.

To relieve the strain of transporting a toddler from room to room, doctors’ appointments and daily activities, the Little Red Wagon Fund was created. With funds raised, the hospital has been able to provide families with financial constraints the ability to take care of their injured child in the best way possible.

Click the link below to help St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital purchase a little red wagon to transport our smallest patients.


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