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Humanity in Action – Theron’s Story

A month before the birth of our first child, a time that’s supposed to be filled with all the joy and celebration bringing a new life, my wife was told to prepare for the end of mine, but the staff at St. Joseph’s gave me hope.

It started with flu-like symptoms and an exhaustion I couldn’t shake. But when my appetite virtually disappeared, I knew something was wrong, and my wife finally convinced me to visit the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Shortly after our arrival, I suffered a seizure and the doctors quickly determined I was septic. My organs began to shut down and my wife was told to prepare for the worst. Fortunately, the staff at St. Joseph’s never gave up on me. After ten days in an induced coma, I woke up mumbling about being the ultimate warrior. Little did I know, over the course of those ten days, one of my nurses would repeatedly tell me I was going to make it because I was a warrior. Her belief and commitment to my recovery was representative of every person responsible for my care. Even though I was a patient, I was treated more like a family member who was given no other choice than to survive.

I am appreciative of the expert, life-saving treatment I received during my time at St. Joseph’s Hospital, but I am more grateful for the compassion and concern they showed my wife during an unbelievably stressful time. So stressful, that a few days after I awoke from my coma, my wife needed to undergo an emergency C-section. Knowing how important it was for me to be there for the birth, St. Joseph’s found a way to make that happen. My son’s first memory of me may be dressed up in three layers of gowns and
masks, but I was there for his debut thanks to the expertise and kindness of the staff at St. Joseph’s. When a hospital recognizes the health of its patients goes beyond their physical well-being, that’s more than just great medical care – that’s humanity at work.

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