St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation

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Grant Helps Patients Keep Warm

As part of our commitment to provide medical excellence and compassionate care, St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation gives hospital Team Members the opportunity to suggest projects and equipment that would make a patient’s experience better. Our most recent Patient Satisfaction Grant recipient, Christina Williamson, clinical nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital, knew just what her patients needed – a warm hug in the form of a heated blanket. Christina saw her patients dealing with the effects of medications or illness, or needing comfort while awaiting a procedure, and knew that a blanket warmer would make all the difference in the world to her patients.

Patient Satisfaction Grants are made possible through the generous support of our Foundation donors and have funded patient care programs and services, education for team members, community outreach and equipment and technology. Thank you for helping provide over $25,000 in patient satisfaction grants for our patients and families this year.

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