Capital Priorities

Each year nearly 350,000 patients come to St. Joseph’s Hospitals for care. Funding of capital projects ensures St. Joseph’s has the resources and facilities to treat all those that turn to us in their moment of need.

NICU Renovation

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital has started construction on a $9.4 million project that includes an expansion of its Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and renovation of the Obstetrics Unit. The 16,500 square-foot project is expected to be completed in early 2020.

The NICU expansion includes:

  • 12 new, private patient suites for a total bed count to 76
  • Family-centered design with a full bathroom and sleeping nook for overnight guests in each suite
  • Ample space to accommodate the latest high-tech and life-sustaining equipment
  • Addition of a transition nursery with six patient beds for infants in need of additional monitoring after birth
  • Dedicated to newborns requiring 6 to 8 hours of intermediate care
  • Allows more babies to stay with their families instead of being admitted to the NICU
  • Complements the spectrum of care for more than 7,000 babies born each year
Patient Tower

St. Joseph’s Hospital is undergoing construction on a $126 million expansion of a six-story patient tower that will feature a new main entrance, a beautiful covered entryway, 90 new private patient rooms, a pedestrian bridge, and more. The 150,000 square-foot project is expected to be completed in late 2020.

The expansion includes:

  • Two-story atrium-style lobby with a covered, multi-lane drive-up entrance located directly on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
  • Three patient care floors with 30 private rooms per floor
  • A bridge connecting to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital
  • 90 new private patient rooms for cardiac, neuro, and medical/surgical patients
South Expansion

St. Joseph’s Hospital-South is undergoing a two-phase $112 million construction expansion increasing the size of its facility as well as the number of medical specialties. The first phase will consist of a five-story patient tower that will feature an expanded emergency department, new operating rooms, an 18-bed observation unit. During the second phase, two additional medial and surgical floors will be built out from the current shell space. These floors will contain NICU and pediatric services as well as medical and surgical patient rooms. The 176,000 square-foot project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

The expansion includes:

  • An expanded emergency department including 25 new emergency department beds with a dedicated CT, x-ray and ultrasound equipment and a dedicated pediatric emergency lobby
  • A new 18-bed observation unit
  • 36 medial and surgical patient rooms along with an 18-bed observation unit
  • A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and pediatric services which will include 10 NICU, 12 pediatric and 12 pediatric progressive care patient rooms
North Expansion

St. Joseph’s Hospital-North is undergoing a $75 million construction expansion that will double the size of its facility and support additional services, including adding to the intensive care unit, progressive care units, and its area for physical and respiratory therapy. The expansion is expected to be completed in late 2020.

The expansion includes:

  • Adding four operating suites for a total of eight
  • Increasing intensive care unit (ICU) beds from 12 to 24
  • Opening an additional gastrointestinal endoscopy suite
  • Increasing areas for respiratory and physical therapy
  • A new infusion center that can treat up to 15 patients at one time

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