2013 St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Prom

May 3, 2013

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital’s Annual Prom serves pediatric patients who were unable to attend their own prom due to hospitalization or who, due to life-limiting illness, will most likely never get the opportunity. The Hospital’s Prom is traditionally an all-day affair. Beginning in the early afternoon, patients arrive at the hospital or are escorted from their rooms to begin their day of pampering. Professional hair and wig styling, taffeta-layered and jewel-adorned prom dresses, tuxedo fittings, fragrant corsages and doting makeup artists make this event everything that a traditional prom would be. That is, of course, except for the attendees. These special kids, whose everyday life is filled with a multitude of physical and emotional tests, get to be normal for one precious day.


The St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Prom is one of several tools our hospital and its Child Life team employ to return normalcy to these kids’ lives. The majority of patients served by Prom are frequently hospitalized or developmentally delayed, requiring homeschooling and taking away many possibilities for normal peer interaction. This event helps relieve them from their burdens and allows them to spend a night free from their illness. The parents and families of these special children are just as affected by their condition. . Creating a non-stressful environment, such as Prom, allows kids to be kids and parents to be parents.


Any community support is welcomed and encouraged. Whether you choose to participate as an individual, a group, or as an established organization, your involvement will impact each of our young patients.


Several involvement options are available, including workplace collections, event sponsorship, in-kind donations and services, or volunteering at the event. Contact us using the information below and we will match any of your organization’s philanthropic goals.



St. Joseph's Hospital

3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Medical Arts Building



Friday, May 3, 2013




Your individual or corporate sponsorship will help us provide pediatric patients with this rite of passage that they might not otherwise have due to treatment and hospitalization. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact the St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation at (813) 872-0979.